Eat & Drink

Chefs in Portland forage in their own backyard, producing a plethora of unique fine dining restaurants, rugged butcheries, creative bakeries, and a mismatch of inventive new outlooks on dining. The natural bounty of Willamette Valley lies just outside of Portland, making it a haven for culinary adventure.

The infamous Voodoo Donuts, where donuts are accepted as a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sits just three blocks north of Aspect. Upscale, Asian-fusion from the renowned restaurant and lounge, Departure is a short two-block walk away. Local favorite, Jackrabbit, just minutes from our front door showcases the synergy between flavor and atmosphere, place and taste.

In every direction, Portland’s dynamic restaurant scene caters to every appetite. Vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, pescatarians, and gluten- free-ers are welcome.