It’s not blood that runs through the veins of Portlandians, it’s coffee. The city is full of explorers, always off on their next great adventure. Whether that grand exploration takes place in a boardroom or the depths of Wahclella Falls, caffeine is the fuel of choice.

Portland’s café scene is one of the best in the country. Brewed fresh every hour on the hour, you can stop into any one of the city’s 737 coffee shops for a delicious brew at any time. Just minutes from Aspect’s grand lobby, you will find a plethora of eclectic brewers. Try Spella, a quaint Italian-style espresso bar. Take a stroll down to Barista and sample brews from local caffeine-enthusiasts. Chill out and enjoy the artistic scene at Water Avenue when you need a break from the day. There’s no shortage of caffeine in Portland.